Step One

Complete the design questionnaire sharing your ideas, and needs, along with the Iverson Custom Home floor plan you have selected to modify. We will schedule a site evaluation meeting which is critical to a well-designed home. Be prepared to discuss the features you love about your lot, and what concerns you most. We will discuss your complete budget for the project in order to maximize the design, exterior elevations and amenities. At this meeting we will provide a design contract that will walk you through our process in more detail. Upon receipt of your design contract and deposit, we will begin work on more detailed drawings.

Step Two

We will complete a conceptual drawing incorporating all the discussed ideas and changes to the selected floor plan. Renderings will take advantage of the views, terrain, vegetation and any natural features on site. This typically takes us about 3 to 5 days.  We will discuss the modified plan until we have an approved floor plan.  We will then begin a sketch showing you how the elevations (what your house will look like from the street) will change due to the modifications made to the original plan for your approval.

Step Three

Upon approval of the modified floor plans and elevations, we will complete and email you the site plan showing the home, driveway, and all utilities. At this point you will meet with our interior design / materials coordinator, or show room coordinator to select all your building amenities.

Step Four

Final auto cad drawings will begin and we will complete a list of all the interior and exterior features and materials to be incorporated in to the plans for your review. Plans will be completed in approximately 20 to 30 days.